Facebook Real Estate Ads Getting Rejected?

Facebook Real Estate Ads Rejected?

Is Facebook Rejecting Your Real Estate Ads? This Might Be Why:

Submitting ads to Facebook can be frustrating. This is primarily because ads are reviewed by bots that are programmed to reject any ad that could potentially cause a legal liability for Facebook.  Facebook algorithms are based on HUD policies concerning Special Ad Categories, the bots are not that intelligent and are prone to make mistakes.

Real estate ads fall into a special category. For this reason, it is essential you select the special ad category when submitting your ad. If your ad is not about real estate, but about a real estate service, your ad will almost certainly get rejected by the bot. You can opt to tag it to be included in a special ad category for housing, or you can submit the ad and then appeal to have the ad reviewed by a person who will override the mistake caused by the bot.

Here is a copy of Facebooks guidelines for real estate ads:

Facebook Ads Policy

If your Facebook Ads have been rejected, you’ll see this message next to them:

If this is the case, you may need to make some changes to your ad or if you feel the bot made a mistake, you’ll need to review your ad and resubmit it for a Facebook agent to examine it.  Sometimes it is necessary to have your ad reviewed by a human being to be accepted.

However, some advertising is permanently banned by Facebook, while others cannot be edited to fit the platform. A complete list of Facebook’s ad restrictions are available here.

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