About MLSVRMedia

MLSVRmedia is a part of Marketing Arts Group, Inc., a visual marketing company in San Diego. We have over forty years of experience creating visual assets for marketing and advertising. Please view our page to get a better idea of what we do.

MLSVRmedia Team




Kyle Gruba

Kyle is an accomplished artist, drone operator, animator and knows everything about producing visuals and images for real estate marketing. Chances are good that Kyle will be the one creating the images for your order and overseeing all phases of production.

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James Steidl

James has been a graphic designer and photographer for over 30 years and has over a decade of experience in 3D modeling and creating visual marketing assets.  James Steidl has ranked among the top 30 most downloaded photographers in the world with over one million downloads and is one of the few Black Diamond contributors on istockphoto.com.  Clients who have purchased James Steidl’s work include: Disney Studios, Universal Studios, 60 Minutes, The HIstory Channel, CNN, MetLife, Monster.com, The Hammond World Atlas (cover) Popular Science and over one million others.


Melanie Gruba

Melanie Gruba is the Director of Client Relations and ensures the services MLSVRmedia provides are delivered to our clients’ specifications.
Melanie has held numerous management, marketing and client relations positions, including running her own business for over 12 years. She has a growing knowledge of the real estate industry and enjoys helping agents achieve building their personal brand.

Contact phone numbers will be sent to you upon scheduling your shoot. Please find them in the confirmation email that is sent after ordering. In the meantime, use this contact form to connect with us via email.